summer school
Summer School 2021
Summer School 2021

Mission Statement

The mission of Keenburg Elementary is to provide a positive and challenging learning environment that will enable students to become proficient at learning appropriate grade-level skills and concepts as determined by the Tennessee Curriculum Guide.

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1. Every student is a unique individual with the right to an equal opportunity without regard to race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.

2. All students have the potential to learn, being encouraged to develop their individual abilities.

3. The education of students requires mutual respect and cooperation from parents, teachers, students, and administration.

4. Individual learning styles are important considerations when developing learning styles.

5. Academic achievement may flourish when students ar given opportunities for success.

6. A safe and comfortable environment enables students to learn more effectively.

7. An effective curriculum provides each student an oppotunity for the development of positive self-imate, high moral standards, and a desire to be a lifelong learner.

8. Education enables and individual to accept change, reason effectively, communicate clearly, and function productively in our society.

9. Learnings is accelerated when concepts are appllied to information that is familiar to the learner.

10. Academic and behavioral performance improves when students are exposed to a varid and challenging curriculum.

11. Computer technology plays an important role in the curriculuj.

12. Reading, Writing, and Mathematics are essentail life skills.

13. Students with special needs require programs which provide appropriate learning activites.

14. All stakeholders should be involved in the formulation of policy and vital decision making.

15. A variety of assessment methos should be used to measure student achievement.