Mission Statement

The mission of Unaka Elementary School is to provide a rich and engaging education for all students through challenging teaching techniques where students can demonstrate their various abilities as defined by the state of Tennessee and demonstrate good character traits in a safe and nurturing environment.

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School History

Unaka Elementary School is one of ten elementary schools in Carter County and serves what is referred to as Winner, Blue Springs, Carter, Sadie, and Buladeen communities. 

The school is located in the northern portion of Carter County, Tennessee, along State Route 91. Unaka Elementary serves students from Kindergarten through grade eight. 

The Unaka Elementary School building, as we know it today, was built during three different periods. The first part of the building was built in 1950 by Click Construction Company. It consisted of five classrooms, a library, a cafeteria, and a very small office which is now a closet used to store supplies. The county experienced several lawsuits that were filed by taxpayers to keep the building from being built because some thought that it was not needed. The second building addition took place in 1953. At that time, three new classrooms were added to the northern part, along with a new office. Once again, the county experienced several lawsuits by concerned taxpayers. The third building phase took place in 1957. At that time, three new rooms were added to the front of the building and a new office was built. The old cafeteria was turned into classrooms. 

The gymnasium at Unaka Elementary is the oldest school structure in East Tennessee. It was built around 1936.