School Supplies

Last Updated: 10/11/2019 3:03 PM

Paper and pencils are required in all classes.


Science Department:

Hewitt - Spiral notebook for Environmental Science class only, pencil/pen, colored pens/pencils/or markers, glue stick & scissors (optional)

Herald - 3 ring binder (1.5 in") OR a large 5 subject spiral-bound notebook, loose-leaf paper, pens/pencils, dividers, calculators (optional but will be of assistance)

History Department:

Boone - 3 ring binder (1.5 in"), loose-leaf paper

Cross/Nave - 3 ring binder (1.5 in"), manila folders 

Math Department:

Calculators are provided by the school

Blevins (Alg I) - 3 ring binder (3 in"), dividers, loose-leaf paper, graph paper

Bennett (Alg II) - 1 pack printer paper, expo markers, graph paper, 3 ring binder (3 in")

Tolley (Geometry) - paper/pencil daily, box of tissues, disinfecting wipes, expo markers

Averill (Geometry) - box of tissues, disinfecting wipes, graph paper

English Department:

Ward - paper/pen daily

Hall - paper/pencil daily, highlighters (optional)


Ayers (Agriculture) - paper/pencil/pen daily, 3 ring binder (1.5 in")

Loveless (Business) - paper/pencil daily

Johnson (Auto Body) - paper/pencil daily

Burton (Human Services)  

Foreign Language:

Bianchin (Spanish) - red ink pens (2), loose leaf paper (1 pack), unlined index cards, large spiral bound notebook, Crayola markers, mechanical pencils, (OPTIONAL - 1 box kleenex, hand sanitizer)


Art/Band/Physical Education:

Barnett (Art)- white eraser, sketch pad, 12 in" ruler, markers, colored pencils, individual pencil sharpener

Williams (Band/Music) - 3 ring binder (1 in"), 70 sheet spiral notebook

Lowe/Dugger (P.E./Wellness) - tennis shoes, appropriate workout attire