Parent Involvement Policy

Last Updated: 8/31/2020 12:56 PM

Unaka High School Parent Involvement Policy

Unaka High School’s Expectations for Parental Involvement

Unaka High School will submit and implement the following Title 1 requirements for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

  • Unaka High School will jointly develop with parents, students, and staff a School Parent Involvement Policy that the school and stakeholders agree to follow.
  • Unaka High School will inform parents regarding the Parent Involvement Policy in an understandable format and language in which all stakeholders deem understandable.
  • Unaka High School will make the Parent Involvement Policy obtainable to the school district as well as all stakeholders.
  • Unaka High School will monitor and adjust the policy as needed to better serve our students and community due to any changing needs that develop throughout the year.
  • Unaka High School will implement the Parent Involvement Policy to enhance learning and growth for the students of Unaka High School.  By definition, Parent Involvement means that parents / stakeholders are active participants in regular and meaningful activities using effective communication to ensure student growth and success in the academic areas as well as other curricular areas within the school year.
  1.  Parents and / or Stakeholders will play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning through conferences with the staff and administration.
  2. Parents and /or Stakeholders will be encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at Unaka High School.
  3. Parents and /or Stakeholders will be utilized as partners in their child’s educational endeavors and goals.
  4. Parents and or Stakeholders will actively participate in the decision- making process which determines direction for student learning and growth.  This could include serving on decision-making committees and assisting the educational process at Unaka High School by evaluating processes, as well as attending events during the school year.
  5. Parents/ Guardians will assist students with online learning and request training and assistance when needed by calling the school office.  The request will be given to the Principal, Betsy Oliver.

Unaka High School will take the following actions to ensure the Parent Involvement Program is followed to enhance student learning and academic growth for the 2020-21 school year.

Parent Involvement Policy Goal:  The objective for the Parent Involvement Plan is that all students at Unaka High School will be enhanced by up-to-date and valid researched-based curriculums and resources to empower learning for all students, to increase student attendance, improve students’ positive behaviors, and to impart an enthusiasm for students to desire to become productive citizens in an ever changing culture and to be college or career ready. Measures will be taken to ensure students educational needs are being realized during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

  1. Parents are notified of the policy in an understandable and uniform format.
  • The Parent / School Compact forms are distributed at the beginning of the school year to promote parent participation.  The compact allows the staff of Unaka High School, parents, stakeholders, and students to identify themselves as a unified team working together to accomplish the goals of all parties for the school year 2020 – 2021.
  • A Title One Meeting will be held on September 1, 2020 in a virtual format to explain the rights of Stakeholders for a Title One School. Parents will be given data from the previous year.  Parents will be asked to include concerns for the upcoming year.  Written copies of materials discussed in the meeting will be placed on various media sites as well as paper copies will be located in the main office for anyone requesting the information.
  • Curriculums, Assessments, and Grade Distributions will be communicated by teachers using Syllabi, Parent Teacher Conferences, phone calls, email communication, letters, Canvas as well as the Unaka High School webpage.
  • The Parent Involvement Policy was distributed at the Title 1 Annual Meeting and is made available at the office as well as the school webpage.  The plan will be updated in a timely manner as desired.


  1. Unaka High School Parent involvement Plan is made available to the local community and updated periodically to meet the changing needs of the stakeholders, parents, staff, and students.
  • The plan is updated yearly in a meeting during the month of August before the Annual Title 1 Meeting.
  • The Unaka High School Webpage has a link for parents to make suggestions throughout the year.
  • The administration is available for appointments as requested to better serve the students and parents of Unaka High School.
  • During the month of August 2020, a committee will be formed which will jointly develop and review the school improvement plan.  Additional members can be added as appropriate or as requested.
  • The Parent Involvement Policy will be reviewed three times per school year (Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021).
  • The plan will be written in a logical format for all persons to understand.  Accommodations for an interpreter will be made based on request.


  1. Unaka High School has scheduled an annual parent meeting to inform parents concerning the school’s parental involvement programs and the rights of the stakeholders of a Title 1 School through a virtual format.         
  • The meeting is scheduled for September 1, 2020 at 6:00 pm.
  • The meeting time will be announced on the school marquee, the webpage, as well as the One Call System. Posters will also be displayed at our Parent Information Center.
  • Information concerning the meeting will be in a language and format parents can understand.
  • A district parent advisory committee member will assist with the information and agenda of the meeting.


  1. Unaka High School schedules a flexible number of meetings.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are offered 3 times per year at various times to enable parents to attend.
  • Teacher planning times are designed to also be an option for any parent wishing to conference with a teacher concerning their child. (This can be a formal meeting or a phone call.)
  • The faculty can be contacted using the office phone at any time to discuss student growth or additional concerns.  A message will be taken and given to the teacher.  The teacher will return the call during their planning period or after school.  Teacher emails are also available for parent communication.
  • An Eighth Grade Orientation Program for students and parents is scheduled for the Spring of 2021 to assist in the transition process from eighth to ninth grade year (if the Covid 19 Pandemic situation allows for public meetings.)
  • Individual meetings for incoming Freshmen are scheduled during the Spring and Summer to determine a path of study and educational goals for the students entering high school.
  • The administrative staff is available for conferences by appointment for student and or parent concerns.  Walk-In Needs by either parents or students are addressed in a timely manner by the administration.  Emphasis will be placed on communication using web based management systems due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.


  1. Parents, or adequate representation of parents, are involved in an organized, ongoing, and timely way of planning, reviewing and improvement of the school parental involvement plan and joint development of the school wide program plan (School Improvement Plan).
  • Parents assist in the planning and implementation of the School Improvement Plan.
  • Surveys are completed by parents throughout the year to define areas of need as well as accomplishments of the school.
  • Parents and / or stakeholders have reasonable access to classrooms and the school.  Parents are asked to volunteer and assist with duties.
  • The Plan is updated 3 times per year.
  • A survey will be distributed midyear, as well as the end of the year to evaluate the effectiveness of the Parent Involvement Policy. 


  1. Unaka High School provides parents with timely information about school programs and events.
  • The Skyward Sky Alert System allows the staff to communicate with parents through phone messages as well as email communication.
  • The Marquee is updated daily to reflect current events.
  • The school website is used to inform parents of items of interest.
  • The media is a resource used to promote events at the school level.
  • Monthly calendars are developed and displayed at the Parent Information Station.
  • A 9 weeks newsletter is sent home 4 times each year.
  • The staff communicates needs for events for specific students through phone calls, letters, emails, text messages, or personal conferences.


  1.  Unaka High School provides parents with a description and explanation of the curriculum including the form of academic assessment tools which are being utilized to determine student growth and proficiency levels of each student.
  • The administrative staff meets with the students during the first week of school to set goals for learning and growth for each semester.
  • The counselor is available for questions pertaining to student growth and assistance as needed to enhance individual success in the students’ academic growth plan and program of study.
  • Classes for parents are scheduled as requested according to parent and/ or stakeholder requests.  These classes are coordinated by the Parent Involvement Director at Unaka High School.
  • A handbook is purchased through Title 1 funds which discusses the curriculum, teacher information, classes, general daily operations, and required testing which are administered each school year.
  • Parent Assistance Flyers are purchased to support homework, curriculum assistance, as well as student issues.  These are displayed at our Parent Resource Station.
  • Parents may view their child’s progress in each subject area, as well as observe their daily class attendance, by utilizing the Skyward Family Access Site.  Parent training is available throughout the year.
  • Canvas will be utilized to enhance learning as well as communication for students.


  1. Parents may request meetings at any time to discuss the academic growth or any concerns about their child.
  • Parents may use the school website to request a meeting.
  • Parents may phone the office to request a meeting with any staff member along with a representative of the administrative staff.
  • Mid- Term reports as well as 9- week grading reports allow parents timely information concerning student progress and absences.
  • Summative as well as formative test information is sent home in a timely manner for parents to review when reports are available to the school.


  1. A process is in place for parents that are not satisfied with the current educational plan for their student to make adjustments as needed for their child to be better served.
  • Parents may use the website to make comments.
  • Parents may contact the administrative staff at Unaka High School.
  • Parents may contact the UHS Parent Involvement Director, Betsy Oliver.
  • Parents may notify the school by letter, phone or email to make known their requests.
  • Parents may request a conference at any time.


  1. Building Capacity for Involvement- Assistance is provided to parents for understanding topics such as the new TN Ready Standards, current assessments, RTIB, and New Interventions and Programs so they can assist their child as needed.
  • Parent nights will be held during the 2020 – 2021 school year based on surveys and requests by parents.  Tennessee Promise, ACT Practice, FAFSA, Work Ethic Diploma, Dual Enrollment Meetings, Canvas Training and Technology, as well as summative assessments, will be emphasized. Information concerning college scholarships will also be highlighted throughout the year.
  • The staff will be available for questions and recommendations during parent teacher conferences.
  • The intake meetings for the incoming Freshmen will emphasize the importance of monitoring the progress of the students due to their new educational environment.
  • Technology nights will be incorporated into the school year.  Parents who need assistance completing the Tennessee Promise information, college enrollment forms, FAFSA, Canvas, or other needs will be assisted by the counselor or another knowledgeable staff member of Unaka High School to support their requests. (These maybe virtual trainings with materials for pick up at the school as requested by stakeholders.)
  • ACT events will be scheduled for additional parent information concerning study strategies as well as scores needed for students’ college readiness.
  • The School Website will be utilized to showcase new TN Ready Standards for parent / stakeholder viewing.
  • RTIB Meetings will be held to discuss progress as well as student placement.


  1. Unaka High School will build capacity for involvement – Materials and trainings are provided to assist parents to work with their child to improve their achievement in the areas of literacy, mathematics, ACT, and civic duties as well as individual academic growth.
  • The Unaka High School Webpage provides links which assist both parents and students in various educational topics.
  • Parent classes / conferences with knowledgeable staff members are available upon request.
  • Parent Connections Pamphlets are purchased to assist with helpful strategies to assist high school students.  These flyers are located at the Parent Information Station.


  1. Building Capacity for Involvement – Staff members are educated with the assistance of parents in the value of the comments pertaining to school improvement.  Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the planning of student instruction as well as student growth in nonacademic areas.
  • Parents are encouraged to correspond with the school by any means of communication.
  • Incoming ninth graders are encouraged to attend a tour of the school and to meet with their teachers during the Spring semester prior to their enrollment at Unaka High School during our scheduled Parent Teacher Conferences. UHS schedules an “open house” for our upcoming Freshmen along with their parents to visit and familiarize themselves with the school and personnel (providing restrictions have been lifted due to Covid 19.)
  • A schedule has been set up for students wishing to obtain their schedules prior to the first day of school.  Students and parents have this opportunity to view and make adjustments as needed so their educational goals are not hampered.  Students should be ready for instruction on day one when they enter Unaka High School. Students will begin the year 2020 being in the actual building 25% of the time each week for training on the platform of Canvas Virtual Learning due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  Carter County Board of Education will revise the student learning as needed.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are officially scheduled for three times per academic year.  Parents can request a conference at any time.  After the request, conferences will be scheduled in a timely manner.
  • A volunteer sign-up list will be located at the office area to promote parent volunteering in the school.

(M) Building for Capacity for Involvement – Parent Involvement programs are in conjunction with the additional programs such as Dual Enrollment programs, AP Classes, Military Services, ELA, and other school clubs as well as various civic organizations.

(N)Building Capacity for Involvement – The school is responsible for supporting parent involvement activities as requested.  This could be deemed as a request for transportation for an important meeting concerning student growth and or achievement.

(O)Building Capacity for Involvement – Unaka High School is accountable for ensuring that all information is in a format which is understandable to the stakeholders.  Provisions will be made upon request to make accommodations as needed in order to fulfill this obligation.

(P)Accessibility – Unaka High School shall provide opportunities for parent participation for those parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children or homeless students.  All reports, conferences, and activities which are necessary for student growth will have accommodations which will assist the parents to effectively facilitate the school and the parent / guardian communication process of Unaka High School as determined by the Parent Involvement Policy.

Email Addresses:                                     Principal                                      Assistant Principal                                  Counselor

School Phone Number                                            (423) 474- 4100

Carter County Schools Phone Number                (423) 547 - 4000