Basketball Season- Covid-19 Information

Last Updated: 12/18/2020 2:33 AM

Dear Unaka High School Family and Friends,

    It is with great sadness we regret to inform you the process of basketball ticket sales for the 2020 – 21 season. Due to COVID 19, we are extremely limited to the number of individuals who can attend games at Unaka High School.  Our main goal is for our student athletes to safely participate in sports.  For this reason, the following processes will be followed for Unaka High School Basketball.  Each player / cheerleader will receive the option to purchase 2 tickets for each game.  These tickets will hopefully allow most of the students’ immediate family to attend the game.  Parents and players will receive a phone call when tickets are available to purchase at the school through Skyward. This will also be updated on our UHS Website in the Athletics Section.  (Please make sure your Skyward information is up to date.)  There will be a deadline for purchase.  We will notify the public through our website and UHS Facebook letting everyone know the tickets that were not used by the UHS athletes are now available for general ticket purchase.  Tickets will be presold at the UHS Office during school hours.  No Ticket Sales Will Be At the Games. The opposing team will receive 40 tickets to purchase for each game. These tickets will be mailed to the visiting school.  The Athletic Directors of the Visiting schools will be contacted concerning this information.

Hopefully limiting our capacity for games will allow our student athletes the opportunity to participate in the sport they love.  We are working to get live stream service so that you may watch the game at home.  Thank you for understanding!

Unaka High School


Unaka High School  COVID 19 Procedures  2020-2021

During the Month of December 2020, Unaka High School is not allowing any fans at Home Basketball Games.  Players, UHS Cheerleaders, Coaches, and Administration are only allowed to enter games at this time. No passes are accepted.

The following procedures will be enforced if we are allowed to have our limited capacity seating at a later date.




Away Games

The procedure for purchasing tickets for away basketball games will refer to the host team.  Unaka High School will follow their game procedures.

Games Hosted by Unaka High School

  • Tickets will be sold to each player, cheerleader, and manager.  Each participant will be allowed to purchase 2 tickets each.  Coaches will communicate the purchasing procedures to their teams.  If tickets remain, a procedure for purchasing tickets will be communicated through our Unaka High School webpage, UHS Facebook, as well as a one call on Skyward.  

  • The visiting team will be allowed 40 tickets to be purchased.  The guest school will be responsible for the distribution of their ticket sales.  They will bring a check for the number of tickets sold at $5.00 each on the night of the game.  This check will be given to the Principal or Assistant Principal.

  • All spectators must wear a mask and maintain social distancing from anyone other than those living in the same household. (Six feet, or the equivalent or two empty seats between themselves and other fans.)  MASKS ARE AVAILABLE AT UNAKA HIGH SCHOOL.

  • Live Streaming of games will be provided whenever possible so that all UHS fans can enjoy the game.

  • UHS will accept only TSSAA Championship Passes.  We will not be accepting Carter County Employee ID Passes, TACA, or TSSAA Passes.

  • Unaka High School will need to be informed of who will be attending the games through a pass list system.  This is only for School Administration (Principal, Assistant Principal, or Athletic Director) coaches’ immediate family, trainer, bookkeeper, statistician, or team manager.  This information needs to be faxed to the main office one day prior to the game.   The Fax Number for Unaka High School is 423-474-4108.

  • Temperature Checks are required for all persons entering the games at Unaka High School.

  • If you have any of the following symptoms, please do not attend any games at Unaka High School….

  1. Fever over 100.4

  2. Cough

  3. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  4. Shaking / Chills

  5. Chest Pain 

  6. Racing Heart Rate

  7. Unusual Dizziness

  8. Loss of Taste or Smell

  9. Sore Throat

  10. Nausea

  11. Vomiting or Diarrhea

  12. Unusual Rash or Painful Discoloration of Fingers or Toes

Players and Cheerleaders

  • Only Unaka High School Cheerleaders will be admitted to home games.  Visiting schools will not have cheerleaders admitted to the games.

  • Players will be required to sit in designated areas of Snavely Gymnasium.

  • Dressing rooms will be assigned for each team as they enter Unaka High School.

Spectators at Unaka High School

  • Masks are required in the stands unless you are eating or drinking.

  • Sections are clearly marked which reflect social distancing.  Spectators will be responsible for sitting in these designated areas. 

  • Spectators should not congregate in hallways or bathroom areas.

  • A limited concessions will be sold at Unaka High School.  The concessions will consist of drinks, candy, and prepackaged items.

These procedures are in place so that our students, faculty, and all basketball fans can continue to participate and enjoy their sport. 

Thank You!