summer school
Summer School 2021
Summer School 2021

Mission Statement

The mission of Central Elementary School is to provide students with a positive learning environment that will enable them to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for future life challenges.

Welcome Message

We are very excited to welcome back many familiar faces, and pleased to welcome several new faces to our school as well. We wish each of you a successful school year and encourage you to strive to make this school year the best one yet in your educational journey.

News & Announcements

School History

Central Elementary School began as a desire by the community members to have a school of their own. Extensive statistical work was done to discover the need for a school in the area formerly known as Taylortown. Concerned parents gave state officials a tour of the area and urged the county court to allocate funds for the new school. IN 1961, the Carter County Court adopted a three million dollar building program to fund four new schools. Central Elementary school opened in August of 1962 serving first through eighth grade students. Kindergarten was later added. In the 1960's two classrooms and a library were added. IN 1976 two portable classrooms were added for kindergarten. In 1982 two classrooms and an additional set of restrooms were added. In 1995 a portable was added for the Headstart program. In 2000, two full classrooms, and two half rooms were added. In 2017, six full classrooms were added, and all portables were removed from the campus. Headstart, kindergarten, and first grades all received new classrooms, a new computer lab, and we completed an expansion of the current cafeteria.