Special Education


Diana Bowers

 Dr Diana Bowers, Ed.D.                                                                      

Special Education Director 

423-547-8350 (office)

423-930-4755 (cell) 

423-547-4039 (fax)


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April Howard
Program Coordinator
Phone: 423-541-2937


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Laura Jarrett
Early Childhood Coordinator
Assistive Technology Coordinator 



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Amy McKinney



Ellen Hurd

Ellen Hurd
School Psychologist



Barbara Marek
Behavior Specialist



Department Information

The Special Education Department of the Carter County School System serves students ages 3-21 years of age who meet a two prong criteria for services. First, a student must meet criteria for one or more disabilities. These disabilities include the following: developmental delay, blind/visual impairment, deaf/hearing impairments, autistic, intellectually gifted, mental retardation, multi-disabilities, physical impairments, emotional disturbance, speech/language impairment, specific learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, health impairments, or other functional delays. Additionally, if the student meets criteria for one or more disabilities, the student must also be in need of special education intervention in order to progress in his/her educational program.  

Special education interventions are provided through a continuum of services ranging from least restrictive to most restricitive, depending upon the needs of the individual student. Consultation, resource services, speech/language services and physical/occupational therapy services are provided in all schools. More comprehensive services are provided for students in need of a smaller, more structured learning environment where a teacher can provide a more intensive approach to academics and/or behaviors. Comprehensive services are provided at the following schools:   

Keenburg Elementary 

Hunter Elementary 

Valley Forge Elementary 

Hampton Elementary 

Happy Valley High 

Unaka High 

Cloudland High 

Hampton High